The Most Common Causes Of Bruising After Drinking Alcohol

There are medications that are often prescribed to ease some of the discomfort associated with the symptoms of alcoholic liver disease. Reducing inflammation with steroids, prescribing probiotics and antibiotics, and in some cases stem cell therapies are used. Continuing to drink can result in alcoholic hepatitis. The liver becomes inflamed and scar tissue begins to form. This impacts the blood flow in the liver, preventing it from working properly.

Everything I have read as responses are things I, as a 19 year old with no medical school, could have told these people. These people want REAL answers, actual HELPFUL things. They do not want to hear “see your doctor” as that is a given. I’m assuming you have medical school background so how about you be helpful and give educated guesses at what might be wrong w the people coming to this blog asking for help. You’re wasting people’s time and should feel ashamed. Honestly people communicating with each other seems to hold better responses than you. If you really cared about people and their wellness then you would provide answers, even if theyre wrong at least theyd be educated guesses.

alcohol bruising

Huge bruises 6-7inches long all over upper thighs etc. My mom was recently visiting me and was horrified when she saw my legs. At any time you become concerned with your health, your primary care provider is an excellent Sober living houses resource. It’s very important your coworker friend is truthful with her health care providers. They know her best – current medications, medical history, etc. – and therefore can best answer her questions.

I still have C5-6 and T/L disc need to be removed. Could this discoloration be the results of the slipped discs? I hear cracks all the time and feel them in my back. I notice bruising on the back of my right thigh going to the middle of my thigh.

Drinking Alcohol Effects On Skin

Having friends or a close partner who drinks regularly could increase your risk of alcohol use disorder. The glamorous way that drinking is sometimes portrayed in the media also may send the message that it’s OK to drink too much. For young people, the influence of parents, peers and other role models can impact risk.

alcohol bruising

Yes, there’s actually another physiological reason for bruising easier with alcohol, and it has to do with how alcohol can affect your blood vessels. Alcohol is what’s called a vasodilator, which means it can relax your blood vessels. Some people bruise more quickly than others, sometimes when there has seemingly been no trauma to the skin. Bleeding disorders can cause bruising to occur, but if there is no family history of disease, something else may be causing bruises to develop – like abuse of alcohol. Sadly, symptoms of many liver disorders do not manifest until serious – sometimes irreversible – damage has occurred. A population-based study found that 69 percent of adults with cirrhosis were unaware of having liver disease. Another study found that Hispanic Americans and African Americans are at greater risk for developing liver disease than Caucasians.

Kidney Pain After Drinking Alcohol

Arnica oiland other topical arnica products are an excellent choice for bruises of all types, including bone bruises. Arnicais a strong healer and helps bone bruises and the symptoms of bone bruising by reducing swelling and relieving pain. If you’re on a blood thinner, like Plavix or Coumadin, you might notice more black-and-blue marks. Steroids and anti-depressants can also make you bruise more easily. Understanding your symptoms and signs and educating yourself about health conditions are also a part of living your healthiest life. The links above will provide you with more detailed information on these medical conditions to help you inform yourself about the causes and available treatments for these conditions. Some people — especially women — are more prone to bruising than others.

alcohol bruising

Sometimes in cases of urticaria, bruising can be skin discoloration. This should be evaluated by someone who can visualize the marks. Does anyone know what causes tiny bruise clusters on the inner forearm?

Alcoholic Liver Disease

My other half has bruises under her armpits and is sore and bruised at the side of her rib. And there was no rough playing before we saw what happened. We understand it can be frustrating not to have Transitional living an exact answer when you just don’t feel well. You have systemic symptoms like fever, chills, swollen lymph nodes or unintentional weight loss. Have you spoke with your doctor about these symptoms?

  • The bruises seem to be in the same place on both arms.
  • Some people — especially women — are more prone to bruising than others.
  • This disease happens when fat builds up in the liver, which causes swelling and impairs liver function.
  • With cessation of alcohol use, drinkers can usually reverse liver disease in this stage.
  • The only time the liver becomes noticeable is if something of serious concern happens, like a serious condition or illness.
  • Contact your GP for advice if you have a history of regular alcohol misuse.

You might also get bruises more often if you have issues with your platelets or those cells involved in the blood vessel healing process. Platelets are crucial for clotting , says Dr. Sober living houses Vyas. Certain health conditions could also lead to coagulation problems—basically, your body can’t turn the blood from a liquid to a solid fast enough to stop you from bleeding.

Bone Bruise Symptoms & Recovery Timetable

So please, don’t ignore your symptoms, like I did for many years. Listen to your body, and insist your physician find the underlying cause of your symptoms.

You can also have periods called “blackouts,” where you don’t remember events. Very high blood alcohol levels can lead to coma or even death. “The staff at STR is as first class as they come. It’s nice to have people who genuinely care about their clients…” -Robert D. “From the moment you walk through the door you are made to feel like family. The clinicians have a way of making you comfortable enough to talk about anything.” -George E.

I have an oval shaped bruise in the center of my back and a bunch of red spots above it. I have a dark bruise like patch of skin about 7” wide and 8” long kind of like a patch.

And it gets me worried because it’s getting little bigger since i got this and so hard to walk easily. It’s on my legs near where my sensitive part. I didn’t do anything or bump into something but it hurts, it feels like you have a bruise on the eye when someone alcohol bruising punched you. And i feel the pain getting up into my waistline and the bump thing. We strongly suggest you continue working with them. We do not know your daughter’s medical history well enough and cannot give individualized medical advice on our blog.

alcohol bruising

Reading all of these stories & comments, I’ve had very similar symptoms. I am not a doctor or anything, but have several health issues and wanted to offer my personal opinion based on my own experiences. I would definitely contact your primary care provider & get some lab work going.

Skin Cancer And Alcohol

They pop up overnight and go away in a couple days. However, they come back without any reasoning. I have a bruise on my lower leg since July last year.



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